Sierra Natural Response Mattress

SKU: Sierra
Brand: King Koil
Rating: (5/5 out of 9 ratings)


Organic cotton cover

Natural Latex

Natural Latex is naturally derived from the rubber tree making it anti-microbial to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew growth. It provides a luxurious balance of comfort, support and pressure relief.

Joma Wool

Made of luxurious, flame resistant, water repellent, non-allergenic fibers, New Zealand Joma Wool maximizes comfort and ensures breathability.

Perfect Response (R) Natural Latex Core

With its spring-like resiliency, this naturally derived latex core returns to its original shape faster than memory foam to help resist body impressions.

Joma Wool:
Enhanced Comfort Quilt Foam:
Enhanced Natural Cushion Firm Latex:
Enhanced Ultra Soft Perfect Contour (R) Foam:
Perfect Form Natural Core:
Excellent Edge (TM):
Natural Wood Foundation: